Slide of the month (SOTM) May. The logistics sector in Rwanda and Ethiopia

Many African countries’ economic growth is highly dependent on international trade. A more efficient logistical system can greatly increase a country’s local economic value and as a result, create jobs and prosperity.

In this project, africon was contracted to analyse the logistics sector in Rwanda and Ethiopia. We aimed to identify the existing gaps and fields where the client, a development cooperation agency, could intervene to improve efficiency, thereby aiding job and wealth creation in these countries. We conducted primary and secondary research simultaneously. While analysing country information and industry reports, over 70 interviews were conducted in these countries with relevant players in the logistics field. These included logistics firms, governmental and regulatory bodies, associations and educational institutions.

Through the results of the research, we identified main challenges in key areas that have significant impact on the logistics sector in Rwanda and Ethiopia. Such areas were, for example, infrastructure, customs procedures, education, and digitalisation. The logistics landscape of both landlocked countries is very contrasting regarding the highlighted areas. Based on our findings, we could derive practical directions for measures to fill present gaps and thus strengthen the sector for the future while creating jobs, fostering private investments and promoting sustainability. All results were consolidated into a comprehensive report which contained tactical recommendations for the client.

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