africon selected as a data partner for Statista

We are proud to announce that africon GmbH and Statista are joining forces in providing market data on different industries in Africa. Statista prides itself as being the global No1 Business Data Platform providing insights and facts across 170 industries and 150+ countries. africon is a management consultancy with a sole focus on Africa. We consult the management of companies on developing their go-to-market strategies in Africa. Having successfully completed 100+ projects in Africa, we have gathered innumerable industry insights. Some of these are now displayed on Statista’s platform to provide individuals and companies with comprehensive information about key industries on the continent.

The sectors covered include (but are not limited to) mechanical engineering, automotive, chemicals, consumer goods & FMCG, building materials, steel, water, woodworking, industrial goods, trade fairs & events and IT & financial services.

You can get some of the statistics that we have compiled together in the links below:

Market share of soft drink companies in Kenya 2018

Soft drinks production in Kenya 2015-2019

Trade fairs in East Africa, by country 2017

Trade fairs in East Africa, by category 2017

Glass industry export value from Africa 2018, by country of origin

Plastic film imports in Nigeria 2008-2017

Plastic film imports in Nigeria 2017, by type

Market value distribution of automotive parts in Nigeria 2018, by segment

Share of automotive parts imported into Sub-Saharan Africa 2017, by country

Distribution of packaging material used in Nigeria 2016

Distribution of plastic consumption in Nigeria 2017, by industry

Import volume of aluminum into Sub-Saharan Africa 2008-2017, by type

Penetration of fake products in the plug market in Nigeria 2015-2016

Market share of water filtration products in Sub-Saharan Africa 2017, by country

Leading brands of operational tractors in Nigeria 2016

Number of licensed motorcycles in Egypt 2011-2017

Distribution of licensed motorcycles in Egypt 2018, by type

Market share of aluminum in Ghana 2019, by fabricator

Share of fish waste in Ghana 2018, by source

Largest imports share in Africa 2018, by country

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Slide of the month (SOTM) December. The food, beverage and tobacco manufacturing industry in Nigeria

Prior to the Covid outbreak, manufacturing in Nigeria had been recovering from the 2016 recession, even though the sector still faces various challenges, such as intermittent power supply, infrastructural deficits, forex shortage and Naira devaluation. africon did a market analysis for a European food ingredient manufacturing company interested in understanding the industry in Nigeria. The project aim was to understand potentials in various market segments and to ultimately determine scale and scope of opportunities for our client. Within our research, we found that the food, beverage and tobacco sectors account for 38% of all manufacturing output in Nigeria. We were furthermore able to share the size of the market and identify key players and partners to provide direction for future sales efforts in the region.

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Lara Rösler joins africon GmbH as a Working Student

Despite global uncertainties fueled by the pandemic, we were happy to see continued and reemerging interest in the African potentials towards the second half of the year. We are very grateful for a multitude of new and repeat clients from industries like steel, logistics, chemicals and industrial equipment among others. As our project work expands, our team has also been growing not only in Africa but also in Germany.

We were happy to welcome Lara Rösler who recently joined the team as a working student. She is based in Bremen. She studied business administration and management in her Bachelor at the University of Osnabrück and is completing a Master in business administration at the University of Bremen. Lara will support in the administrative department, mainly in project controlling. Her tasks will include ensuring that the project goals are achieved in our africon quality, as well as within budgets and timeframes.

I am very interested in the African markets and their potential. During my work with africon, I am looking forward to learn more about these potentials, as well as working in an international, highly motivated team. I also look forward to sharing my expertise and ensuring that projects run smoothly in africon“, Lara says.