Slide of the month (SOTM) October. The meat & fish sector in Nigeria

A specific question that emerged in one of our recent projects in the food industry was how the meat sector in Nigeria looks like and whether it was a suitable target industry for our client. africon answered this question through a combination of industry knowledge from our experts on the ground, local research, as well as a comprehensive analysis of trade statistics. Our findings revealed that in Nigeria, most people consume red meat on the day they purchase it from open air market stalls, and only a small fraction is refrigerated. Fish in Nigeria is primarily traded live, fresh, frozen or smoked. However, 90% of the broiler chicken is slaughtered, processed and sold frozen. These findings, among others, helped us to rate various target markets for our client in comparison to each other. It laid the groundwork for africon to identify potential customers and partners for our client, therefore reducing cost, time and risk for them.

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