XCOM Africa at HARVARD Business School

XCOM Africa was recently invited to participate as one of a few selected panelists at the 15th Africa Business Conference, organized by the Harvard Business School in Boston, MA. The conference aimed to showcase those who continue to shape and influence the African story through business and enterprises, and to create an environment for like-minded individuals to meet, exchange ideas and spur one another on to action. The event was attended by over 1.300 visitors from all around the world.

Marc-Peter Zander, CEO & Managing Partner of XCOM Africa, participated as a panelist at the ‘Foreign Investment, Global Responsibility: Investment from Foreign States and Multinational Corporations’ debate. He put emphasis on the vast opportunities the continent and in particular countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya are providing. He furthermore highlighted the importance of businesses to start acknowledging the potential of Africa and to gain of it. His 15 years of living and work experience on the continent provided a strong foundation for the debates.